Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 – Winners, Schedules & Videos

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 – Winners, Schedules & Videos


Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 showcases the talents of all Filipinos worldwide. Anyone can join to showcase their talents during the audition and a auditionee needs to have at least two ‘yes’ from the judges. The judges will then have to to pick the top 36 acts that will move to the semi-finals.

In this post, we’ll be posting updates and results of the Pilipinas Got Talent 4 live shows during the quarter finals  the semi finals and until a new grand winner is unveiled.

How to vote: Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 Online Voting & Text Voting Mechanics

Grand Finals

The Grand Finals of the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 happened Saturday June 1, 2013!




Roel Manlangit


Grand Winner

D’ Intensity Breakers

Lipa, Batangas


Frankendal Fabroa

Tondo, Manila

1st Runner Up

Lateral Drift Productions



MP3 Band


2nd Runner Up

Zilent Overload



Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 Semi-Finals

The semi finals will start on May 18 and 19, here are the contestants that will battle this semi finals.

Week 7: May 18 & 19 Performances & Results

Contestants & ActsResults
Tito Cris Castro Eliminated
Roel Manlangit Judges’ Choice
Zilent Overload Judges’ Choice
MP3 Band Voters Choice
Chaermon Basa Eliminated
Symmetry Eliminated

Week 8: May 25 & 26 Performances & Results

Contestants & ActsResults
D’ Intensity Breakers Voters’ Choice
Frankendal Fabroa Judges’ Choice
Bughaw Folkoric Dance Troupe Eliminated
The Miss Tres Eliminated
Eumee Lyn Capile Eliminated
Lateral Drift Productions Judges’ Choice

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 Quarter Finals

Quarterfinals will start this April 6 and will end on May 12, 2013. Twelve (12) acts will chosen from a pool of 36 acts.

Week 1: April 6 & 7 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
The Miss TresJudges’ Choice
Chaeremon BasaVoters’ Choice
All In One CrewEliminated
Philippine ArmyEliminated
Segutier TripletsEliminated
Marvin ArqueroEliminated

Week 2: April 13 & 14 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
John Neil RoaEliminated
Sundee ViñasEliminated
Eumee Lyn CapileJudges’ Choice
 Zilent OverloadVoters’ Choice

Week 3: April 20 & 21 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
Randy De SilvaEliminated
Randy MacalmaEliminated 
MP3 BandVoter’s Choice 
Tahanang Walang HagdanEliminated
SymmetryJudges’ Choice 

Week 4: April 27 & 28 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
D’ Intensity BreakersVoter’s Choice
Russel FigueroaEliminated
The Fluma Viron of CuerdasEliminated
Tito Cris CastroJudges’ Choice
The Can Can Group of ARESEliminated

Week 5: May 4 & 5 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
Cris BernardoEliminated
Roel ManlangitVoter’s Choice
Frankendal FabroaJudges’ Choice
RMMC Dance + Site ProjectEliminated
Philippine Gymnastics and Athletics AcademyEliminated

Week 6: May 11 & 12 Performances Results

Contestants & ActsResults
Rosenrei Synchro SirensEliminated
Balungao Robotic DancersEliminated
Gensan Stunt TeamEliminated
Lateral Drift ProductionsJudge’s Choice
Bughaw Folkloric Dance TroupeVoter’s Choice

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