Marjorie Barretto admits that she is the woman in the scandalous photos

Marjorie Barretto admits that she is the woman in the scandalous photos

Marjorie Barretto admits that she is the woman in the scandalous photos after strongly denying it in her first ambush interview.

According to News5, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, legal counsel for Marjorie Barretto has informed netizens through a text message on Tuesday morning that circulating the photos involving her client “is a blatant violation of Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009″.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News on Tuesday, May 7, Atty. Kapunan says “She’s a mother, she’s very upset. She’s not running for any public office precisely because she wants to guard her privacy. She has growing up daughters and ang concern niya is they are in the formative years where they understand. That’s why we are also respecting the media na sana huwag na interviewhin si Marj.”

Atty. Kapunan also asked the public to stop uploading and reposting Marjorie’s racy photos as they should remain within the family and what pictures she may have should remain private.

“Nothing is more valuable than your private reputation, nothing is more valuable than your family, and nothing is more valuable than your children. In the case of Marjorie, she has daughters so she’s appealing – regardless of what the moral judgment on the situation of the parties are concerned – to keep it private,” she said.

In addition, Atty. Kapunan revealed that they have the name already of the culprit behind this scandal but clarified that the spread of the photos is separate from the ongoing Barretto family feud. “It is enough that there is so much publicity on the family already because of sibling squabble. This one is separate and it comes at the time where motives are suspect.”

The issue started regarding Gretchen’s Instagram posts pertaining to Claudine not being happy about their niece, Julia Barretto, daughter of Marjorie, entering showbiz.

The actress turned politician has been quiet involving the feud in the Barretto clan specifically with her mother and two sisters Gretchen and Claudine.

The issue with her and the scandalous photos is nothing to do with the issue involving her mother, brother and sisters, but it is a big disgrace to her and her own family.

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