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Jhong Hilario Instagram Scandal?


Jhong Hilario posted on his Instagram a collage of him in a bathtub wherein he accidentally exposed a part of his body that’s not supposedly be exposed at the popular online photo-sharing website.


You can view the uncovered image here (NSFW)

On the ABS-CBN noontime program “It’s Showtime,” Vice Ganda teased Jhong Hilario over the controversial photo where infact, Vice Ganda has Scandalous Photos himself!

“Ako, kahit anong buhok ang nasa ulo mo masaya ako,” Vice Ganda told Jhong Hilario, referring to his new hair color.

“Kalokalike lang ‘yon!” Jhong’s retort

“Kung gusto niyo po ng mas malinaw, may kopya ako.” replied by Vice.


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