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Freddie Aguilar’s 16 y/o GF Jovy Gatdula speaks up, shares love story

"BABE" and FREDDIE. Freddie Aguilar with his 16-year-old GF.

Jovy Gatdula, the 16-year-old girlfriend of OPM hit maker Freddie Aguilar, aired her side and shared their love story in an interview.

Speaking with ABS-CBN New’s Mario Dumaual on Thursday, Freddie’s girlfriend boldly said “Mahal ko siya. Wala na akong pakialam kung anong nakaraan niya, kung ano siya. Basta love ko siya, iyon ‘yon.”

"BABE" and FREDDIE. Freddie Aguilar with his 16-year-old GF.

“BABE” and FREDDIE. Freddie Aguilar with his 16-year-old GF.

Love at first sight?

Freddie’s girlfriend of five months, recalled how they first met during an election campaign concert in Oriental Mindoro.

The 60-year-old singer narrated how she stood out from her group of female friends when he first saw her. Freddie said he wanted to approach her as soon as his part in the concert ended, but had to accommodate a politician’s wife.

Recalling what happened after, Freddie said that Jovy and her friends approached him to have a photo taken saying she was a fan. The quick encounter became an opportunity for Freddie to give her his calling card.

Asked if Jovy felt “love at first sight” upon meeting, she said, “Actually noong una, hindi eh. Akala ko joke lang eh. Kasi nga, ‘diba, celebrity siya eh. Ta’s ako simpleng tao lang ako doon. Sabi ko, ‘Joke ba ito?’”

It took days before Jovy started to contact Freddie. She somehow lost his calling card for a while, only to find it still in her shorts’ pocket. At the time, Jovy said she had no reason to call out to the music veteran.

“Bored lang ako. Naka-unli naman ako noon, eh,” she said.

Twelve days “vacation”

When they’ve gotten closer, she wanted to meet him on Manila and then stayed in Freddie’s house for twelve days.

“Tapos nag-text ako sa kanya, ‘yung mga text niya… sakay-sakay din lang. Tapos nung nakipagkita ako sa kanya sa Maynila, nag-stay ako sa bahay niya. Mga 12 days ako doon,” she revealed.

Upon returning in her hometown in Oriental Mindoro, she somehow couldn’t stop thinking about Freddie.

“Pag-uwi ko sa’min, do’n ko naramdaman na love ko na pala ‘yon. Akala ko joke lang. Pagdating ko sa’min, hindi ako makatulog, laging iniisip ko siya,” she said.

This alarmed her mother. Jovy immediately admits her love and wanted to return “home” with Freddie.

“Tapos, sabi ko sa nanay ko, ‘Ma, uwi na ako sa amin.’ Sabi ng nanay ko, ‘Ito ang bahay mo, saan ka uuwi?’ Sabi ko, ‘Kay Freddie. Hindi ko alam, ma, basta mahal ko na siya eh.”

“Tapos sabi ng nanay ko, ‘Anak, mahirap ‘yan, kasi, ‘diba, celebrity ‘yan. Maraming babae ‘yan.’ Sabi ko, ‘Ma, okay lang ‘yon, basta mahal ko siya.’ Tapos ayon, pinayagan niya ako dumating doon sa’min, sa bahay nila. Sabi ko, ‘Ito na, love na ‘to eh,’” she said.

Asking to be his girlfriend

The two developed a close relationship as friends, until Freddie asked Jovy — which he fondly calls as “babe” — to become officially his girlfriend. Laughing, the veteran singer recalled how he asked Jovy through text.

“Hindi siya sumasagot. Sabi ko, ‘Ayaw siguro.’ So tinext back ko siya, ‘Okay lang naman kung ayaw mo. ‘Di bale nalang.’ Tapos nag-text siya sa’kin, ‘Hindi, busy lang kasi ako,’” he said.

Jovy admits she was caught off guard.

“Sabi niya sa akin, ‘Ano, pwede ba kita maging girlfriend?’ Sabi ko naman, ‘Ha? Uh…’ Tapos tumawag siya. Hindi ko alam ang isasagot ko! Tapos pinatay ko, tapos sabi niya, ‘Okay lang naman kung ayaw mo eh, sabihin mo.’”

“Tapos, sabi ko, ‘Teka.’ Tapos tinext ko siya ulit. ‘Busy lang ako kanina.’ Tapos text lang ako nang text. Tapos iyon na, doon na nagsimula,” she said.

Admitting he didn’t know her age when they initially met, Freddie said he couldn’t help but develop feelings for “babe.” “Ang naramdaman ko sa kanya, mahal ko siya, kahit pa sabihin mong 16,” he bravely said.

“Ni hindi ko nga naisip na umatras eh. Ang naisip ko lang, ‘Anong magagawa ko, nandito na ‘to eh, na-inlove na ako eh.’ Paninindigan ko na ‘to,” he said.

Coming clean to Jovy’s parents

Freddie recalled next how he came clean with his relationships to Jovy’s parents. He acknowledged the importance of this move, noting his girlfriend is still a minor.

“Nararapat lang ‘yon, kasi menor de edad siya. Kung ‘di ko ipapaalam ‘yon, pangit ang dating sa magulang niya ‘yon. So sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Babe, paalam natin sa nanay at tatay mo na meron na tayong relasyon. Kailangan malaman nila, at sa’tin mismo mangagaling, hindi kung saan-saan pa mangagaling,’” he said.

OK on Freddie’s children

The two are happy to disclose that they have the approval of Freddie’s children, who he fondly referred to as “kabarkada ni babe.” Maegan (who named her father’s girlfriend), in particular, even took Twitter on Friday to defend her father against critics.

Marriage in 2 years?

On the subjects of getting married, Freddie said he and Jovy were discussing their long-term plans where they hope to wed in two years before she starts to “change her mind.”

“Medyo maganda-ganda na ang takbo ng utak niya no’n, 18 na siya no’n eh. Baka malay mo, bukas, magising ‘to, mauntog ‘to, magbago isip nito,” he said laughing.

Freddie discussed of having a civil wedding and hopes to exchange vows before the altar. “Sa simbahan sana, kung pahihintulutan kami makarating doon,” he said.

Jovy is turning 17 on November 29.


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