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Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro has a sex video scandal?

SEX SCANDAL. Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro apparently has a sex video.

Sex scandals of celebrities have hit the web one after the other. A few days have passed since the “part 2″ of Chito-Neri sex scandal have broke out, a new one has already bumped in. This time, two men are allegedly involved.

Rumor has it that the Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee has a 10-second sex video with peruvian model Sebastian Castro. Enchong, who has always been rumored to be gay, is being linked to be an ex-boyfriend of the model. In the video, the young actor was said to be giving an “Australian kiss” to the latter. Sebastian, on the other hand, is the eye-candy and sexy model from the music video ‘Bubble.’ He recently came out as gay in February.

The rumor was based on a blind item that was discussed over Ogie Diaz’ radio show. The excerpts of the Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro blind item, read as follows:

“Mga 10 seconds lang po yung sex video. Kitang-kita po yung mukha nila pareho.”

“Kita ang buo nilang katawan. Hubo’t hubad sila pareho. Panakaw yung pag-video ng friend ko, eh. Hindi siguro alam ‘yon ni (Young Actor).”

“Bini-BJ po ni YA yung kaibigan ko. Tapos, kinukunan nito ng video sa cellphone niya.”

Bakit ipinakita sa kanya? “Wala lang po. Gusto lang niyang iyabang na ikinama daw siya ni YA.”

“Kitang-kita naman po ang mukha niya saka ‘yung friend kong kapartner niya na kaklase niya sa college. Pero sabi po ng friend ko sa akin, last year pa daw ‘yan nangyari. Gusto niya kasing i-prove sa akin na bakla talaga si YA.”

Sebastian denies

Meanwhile, a doubtful Sebastian denied via his Twitter account the existence of a sex video saying: “Sorry to disappoint. I’m about 90% sure i don’t have a sex vid. Unless my ex secretly taped us, in which case someone will die very soon.”

SORRY TO DISAPPOINT. Sebastian Castro is 90% sure he has no sex vid.

SORRY TO DISAPPOINT. Sebastian Castro is 90% sure he has no sex video. Twitter.

Sebastian also posted a screencap from his ‘Bubble’ music video in his Instagram and jested,”If i ever did make a porno, it would probably be some hot viral shit with a kick ass song playing in the background. And id probably call it bubble.”

HOT VIRAL. If he ever had a porn vid,

HOT VIRAL. Sebastian jokes on having a sex video. Instagram.

Enchong’s real preference, questioned

Enchong’s gender and preference has always been a favorite topic amongst gossips ever since he entered the showbiz industry. In the year 2010, there was an alleged video of him and a certain Van Mike Burgos. Following that, was another sex video of him who was later on found out to be Enchong’s lookalike. In 2012, his pictures were deliberately used by a certain page in Facebook called “Gay Indonesia Only,” to attract potential clients and fans.

Enchong Dee has yet to comment on the issue.


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